Kit Kat ‘We all need a break’

Client: Wunderman Thompson

We all need a break. All of us. Not just me and you, but also everyday archetypes whose actions can be a little overwhelming for the rest of us. Because when they have a break, we can have a break, too. It’s a win-win.

In this series, we talk directly to Incessant Honkers, Early Morning Marathoners, ‘No Expert’ Experts, Speedy Disembarkers and Vocal Weightlifters. And with the help of our sympathetic and supportive (up to a point) narrator, we gently suggest that perhaps it’s time they take a much needed break, well deserved break.




Kit Kat ‘Morning Marathon’

Kit Kat ‘Speedy Disembarker’

Kit Kat ‘No Expert’

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